• Sunrise village is a child development centre. It is located in Tirunelveli. It is unique in its own structure and pedagogical principles. The children grown up here are given individual attention and guidance to excel in their life. The children are brought up in a family structure. This village has got 8 houses. Each house is well maintained by a Mother who offers unconditional love and care for the children entrusted in her care.
  • Every house will have 8-10 children with all the facilities.
  • They have access to library, play ground, prayer hall.
  • Totally it is a holistic approach to form a child to be Free, Firm personalities.
  • Sunrise provides happy childhood and a good quality of life for the children in the village.
  • Sunrise has created successful family based model of educating the children.
  • Sunrise creates positive and interactive learning environment, in and out of the orphanage, which is stimulating and encouraging the children's pride in their work and independent study.

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