" Giving Life, Hope and Future to the Orphaned and abandoned, " With this vision and mission we have established Sunrise Children’s Village, a child development centre and KTC ( Kentenich Tuition Centers) in Tamil nadu. It is a project of children empowerment and endowment.

Sunrise children’s village

Sunrise village is a child development centre. It is located in Tirunelveli. It is unique in its own structure and pedagogical principles. The children grown up here are given individual attention and guidance to excel in their life. The children are brought up in a family structure. This village has got 8 houses. Each house is well maintained by a Mother who offers unconditional love and care for the children entrusted in her care.


Kentenich Tuition Centres (KTC)

It is a social project of giving tuition in the evening for 2-3 hours of education to the children who hail from poor family background. We help them earnestly so that these under privileged children should not feel that they are deprived of education. Right now there are 20 centers and 600 children are benefited out of this project.

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