Shrine in Madurai is the centre of our apostolate. It is our Home, the place of election, the place of transformation and apostolate. All our strength flows from this Holy ground.

  • Movement work involves Shrine pastoral works such as covenant mass on every 18th of the month in the shrine.
  • Fasting and prayer on every 2nd Saturday of the month.
  • Psycho spiritual Retreats.
  • Spiritual animation programs for families, couples, and youth and school children.
  • Monthly magazine of Madha Maiya Kaditham to create a life stream around Madurai Shrine and Marian spirituality.
  • Pilgrim mother Rosary campaign in and around Tamilnadu. From her Shrine, Mother Thrice Admirable moves out to meet and bless the families in need. She strengthens the family in the covenant of love. She gathers people in the upper room for prayer and for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be transformed.
    • She is our Pilgrim mother. She makes pilgrimage to families individually.
    • She strengthens the relationship.
    • She guides the family towards her Son Jesus.
    • She intercedes for us in difficulties.
  • Yearly feast on October 18, to seal and to renew the Covenant of Love with Blessed Mother Thrice Admirable.

Through this movement work, we aim at cultivating the covenant culture among the families and forming good leaders in the society.

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